Water Quality Monitoring Report - 2005-2009 Monitoring of Prairie Pothole Wetlands

(2015) Water Quality Monitoring Report - 2005-2009 Monitoring of Prairie Pothole Wetlands. Natural Resources, Department of

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Prior to European settlement, wetland basins covered 4 to 6 million acres, or approximately 11% of Iowa's surface area. Wetlands were part of every watershed in the state, but nearly 95% of them have been drained for agriculture. As Iowa was settled wetlands were drained and developed, resulting in the loss of wildlife habitat, damage to water quality, rapid topsoil erosion, and increased incidents and severity of flooding. The condition of Iowa’s remaining wetlands is poorly known. The goal of this project was to assess the ecological condition of prairie pothole wetlands in a defined region of north-central Iowa. This project has worked to develop and establish our wetland sampling methods, while providing baseline data regarding the basic chemical, physical, and biological status of Iowa’s permanent and semi-permanent wetland resources. The baseline data obtained from our monitoring methods is mainly in the form of numerical values derived from the lab analyses of our samples. This data will be used to begin building a database to interpret ecological condition changes in Iowa’s wetlands as the sampling regime and assessment methodology are repeated over time.

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