The State of the Judiciary, 2015

(2015) The State of the Judiciary, 2015. Judicial Branch

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My job today as chief justice is to inform you and all Iowans of the condition of the Iowa Judicial Branch. The judicial branch is accountable to do its work so that Iowans can see the value of its fair and impartial courts. It is accountable every day for the resources it is given and the important responsibilities with which it has been entrusted. We best meet these obligations by becoming the best court system we can be. I am honored to report the progress the judicial branch has made towards becoming the best court system in the nation and the value of this progress for all Iowans. Both my grandfathers were carpenters. Like others who build with their hands, they could look at their work at the end of the day and see progress since the beginning of the day. Building Iowa’s court system consistent with its goals may not reveal progress at the end of every day as easily as the work of a carpenter. It is a long, careful process that requires the hands of many, working every day. But, certain days do come along when progress can be seen and our goals are closer within reach. Again this year, the goals of the judicial branch are to:  Protect Iowa’s children;  Provide full-time access to justice;  Operate an efficient, full-service court system;  Provide faster and less costly resolution of legal disputes;  Remain open and transparent; and  Provide fair and impartial justice for all.

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