1240-017 Little Bear Creek Watershed Final Report

(2015) 1240-017 Little Bear Creek Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Little Bear Creek is a 21.79 mile Class A1 and B (WW2) warm water stream that encompasses approximately 29,202 acres in northern Poweshiek County. The lower 8.4 mile segment is listed as biologically impaired on both the IDNR 2008 303(d) list and 2010 303(d) draft list. A RASCAL assessment and landowner survey was completed through a development grant in 2011, and these assessments indicate that erosion and sediment delivery from cropland, lack of adequate buffers along the stream channel, and streambank conditions contribute significant sediment delivery to the stream, likely resulting in the impairment. An estimated 36,544 tons of sediment are delivered to the stream annually. A total of 11,075 acres (38%) of the watershed are high priority areas or land with sediment delivery rates greater than one. Our goal over 15 years is to install Best Management Practices (BMPs) and increase public education in order to reduce sediment and phosphorus delivery by 25% and decrease priority areas by 15%. More specific objectives for this WIRB project are to 1) Reduce annual sediment delivery by roughly 16.3% or 1,058 tons and associated phosphorus delivery by 1,375 pounds and 2) Develop an information and education program aimed at producers and residents within the headwaters of Grant and Chester townships, which account for 18% of the watershed's priority areas. The SWCD proposes to utilize 50% EQIP funds and 25% WIRB funds toward rural BMPs, and 75% WIRB funds toward urban BMPs received through this application.

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