1231-014 Twelve Mile Lake Watershed Final Report

(2015) 1231-014 Twelve Mile Lake Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Twelve Mile Creek Lake is a 660 acre, Significant Publicly Owned Lake with a watershed of 14,820 acres for a ratio of 21:3. The watershed is predominately privately owned agricultural land that originates in Adair County and drains into the lake which serves as the primary source water for the City of Creston, Union County and the seven counties served by the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association. In recent years, frequent algae blooms and recurrent spikes in suspended solid concentrations have been inflating water treatment expenses for the Creston Municipal Utilities (CMU). Declining trends in water quality spurred CMU to enlist the Union Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) to assist in evaluating watershed conditions for potential upland improvements. Significant gully erosion issues that had been previously underestimated were discovered during this watershed assessment process. Newly acquired LiDAR elevation data readily revealed this concern which was previously obscured from view by the dense tree canopy. A Watershed Development and Planning Assistance Grant Application was approved and funded by the Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship- Division of Soil Conservation. Throughout the planning process, project partners innovatively evaluated and prioritized a number of resource concerns throughout the watershed. The implementation plan presented will thwart these threats which left unaided will continue to diminish the overall health of the system, reduce the appeal of the lake to recreational users, and contribute to higher water treatment costs.

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