1199-000 Soil Nutrient Mass Balance Study

(2012) 1199-000 Soil Nutrient Mass Balance Study. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Key Points: • Iowa’s exceptional agricultural productivity is dependent upon nutrient‐rich soils with high carbon and nitrogen stocks. • Soil carbon and nitrogen stocks in Iowa corn‐soybean rotations are at significant risk of long‐term decline. • Soil carbon and nitrogen stocks are a function of crop residue inputs. • Nutrient input levels that do not maximize crop yield and residue production are likely to reduce soil carbon and nitrogen stocks. • If soil carbon and nitrogen stocks decline, water quality improvements become more difficult. • Soil carbon and nitrogen balances are extremely difficult to measure, but positive balances are essential to the future of Iowa agriculture. Recommended Actions: • Accurate measurement of soil carbon and nitrogen balances is exceptionally difficult, but can be accomplished with sufficient investment and long‐term planning. • The ideal approach will include a combination of measurements from farms and experimental networks that manipulate nutrient inputs. • With proper planning and cooperation, Iowa State University and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship can address the concerns raised in this report regarding the future of Iowa’s soil resource and agricultural productivity.

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