1233-015IJ Miller Creek Watershed Final Report

(2014) 1233-015IJ Miller Creek Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Miller Creek, a 19,926 acre watershed, is listed on the 2008 Section 303d Impaired Waters List. All indicators, as reported in the Miller Creek assessment, show that the impairment is due to nutrient and sediment delivery from upland runoff which contributes to elevated water temperatures, excessive algae, and low dissolved oxygen levels within the stream. The WIRB board provided implementation grant funds in 2010 for a three year project to treat targeted areas of 5 tons per acre or greater soil loss with an estimated reduction of 2,547 tons. As of December 1, 2012, with 95% of the funds allocated, the final results are estimated to provide a sediment delivery reduction of 4,500 tons and an estimated phosphorus reduction of 5,700 lbs per year. These accomplishments and the completion of the three year Miller Creek WIRB project represent "Phase I" of the SWCD's goals to treat the Miller Creek watershed. This application represents "Phase II" or the final phase of the Miller Creek water quality project. The Monroe SWCD plans to reduce sediment delivery by 70% on an additional 245 acres of priority land. This goal will be accomplished through installation of strategically placed structural practices, BMPs, and grazing systems. These practices will reduce soil loss, nutrient runoff, and sediment delivery as well as improve water quality and wildlife habitat in the watershed. Utilization of partnerships with NRCS and IDALS-DSC will continue to be an important part to the success of the project. Project goals will be achieved by utilizing matching funds from EQIP, and the Monroe SWCD has approved the use of District IFIP cost share funds specifically for use in the Miller Creek Watershed.

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