09007-004 Upper Buffalo Creek Watershed Final Report

(2014) 09007-004 Upper Buffalo Creek Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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The main channel of Upper Buffalo Creek has been identified on Iowa's 303(d) List of Impaired Waters as having a biological impairment (i.e., greater than 50% decrease in mussel species) due to habitat modification, stream alteration, nutrients, and/or siltation. The Buchanan County SWCD has identified this as a priority watershed because mussel population decreases have been well documented to be directly associated with decreases in ecological value, recreational value, and overall water quality. The presence of a diverse and reproducing mussel population indicates that a healthy aquatic ecosystem is intact, which means good fishing, good water quality for wildlife, and assurance that water is safe for recreation. Dan Cohen, Buchanan Conservation Board Director, stated that "should water quality conditions improve, and fishing holes and habitat be enhanced, there is no doubt that many people would take advantage of the renewed recreational opportunities". This watershed contains two "threatened" species of mussels and five "sensitive" species of fish. The District feels that a watershed project will assist in implementing conservation practices that will greatly improve water quality and enhance biological and recreational venues.

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