09012-009 Little River Lake Watershed Final Report

(2014) 09012-009 Little River Lake Watershed Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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Little River Lake watershed is a 13,305 acre subwatershed of Little River. The 788 acre lake was listed as a 303d impaired water body in 2008 due to elevated turbidity and algae levels. The Decatur SWCD has prioritized water quality protection efforts within the Little River Lake watershed because 1) portions of this watershed has been identified as the primary contributor of sediment and nutrients to Little River Lake, which provides an essential source of drinking water for Decatur County and the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association; 2) the watershed provides exemplary education and project interpretation opportunities due to its proximity to Little River Lake Recreation Area, and 3) by using targeted and proven soil conservation practices to address water quality deficiencies the probability of successfully attenuating soil erosion and ameliorating water quality impairments is enhanced. The specific goals of this proposal are to: 1. reduce annual sediment, and phosphorous delivery to the lake by 11,280 tons and 14,664 lbs., respectively, via applications of conservation practices on targeted agricultural land; 2. delist the lake as an EPA 303d impaired water body via water quality enhancement; 3. obtain a “Full Support” status for the lake’s aquatic life and recreational use; 4. reduce potable water treatment costs (minimum 50% cost reduction) associated with high suspended solid levels; and 5. restore a viable sport-fish population, thereby bolstering tourism and the economy. To achieve timely project implementation the Decatur SWCD has cooperated with the IDNR Watershed Improvement Section, Fisheries Bureau, and IDALS-DSC to assess extant water quality and watershed conditions, coalesced a diverse team of committed partners and secured matching funding from multiple sources.

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