Iowa’s Blueprint for Forever Families, 2011

(2011) Iowa’s Blueprint for Forever Families, 2011. Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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Each year approximately thirty to forty thousand children and youth come to the attention of Iowa’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems and, of those, four to five thousand enter foster care to address child safety or public safety. For most, foster care is a short-term placement designed to allow time to address the reason for removal and to receive the support and services necessary for children to return to their family and community. Unfortunately, too many children and youth remain in foster care too long. Too many youth exit care through emancipation rather than to a permanent family and enduring relationship. Too many young people never realize the security of connections to adults who will be there for a lifetime. When our system fails to find forever families for youth in foster care, long-term outcomes are bleak. A young person’s permanency status is inextricably intertwined with their overall well being.

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