2012 Community Tree Management Plan, Alburnett, IA, June 24, 2013

(2013) 2012 Community Tree Management Plan, Alburnett, IA, June 24, 2013. Natural Resources, Department of

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This plan was developed to assist Alburnett with the management, budgeting and future planning of their urban forest. Across the state, forestry budgets continue to decrease with more and more of that money spent on tree removal. With the anticipated arrival of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive pest that kills native ash trees, it is time to prepare for the increased costs of tree removal and replacement planting. With proper planning and management of the current canopy in Alburnett, these costs can be extended over years and public safety issues from dead and dying ash trees mitigated. Trees are an important component of Alburnett’s infrastructure and one of the greatest assets to the community. The benefits of trees are immense. Trees provide the community with improved air quality, stormwater runoff interception, energy conservation, lower traffic speeds, increased property values, reduced crime, improved mental health and create a desirable place to live, to name just a few benefits. It is essential that these benefits be maintained for the people of Alburnett and future generations through good urban forestry management. Good urban forestry management involves setting goals and developing management strategies to achieve these goals. An essential part of developing management strategies is a comprehensive public tree inventory. The inventory supplies information that will be used for maintenance, removal schedules, tree planting and budgeting. Basing actions on this information will help meet Alburnett’s urban forestry goals.

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