09028-014 Tributary B to Fourmile Creek Final Report

(2012) 09028-014 Tributary B to Fourmile Creek Final Report. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

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The city of Ankeny is submitting this WIRB application for development of green urban stormwater practices on city and private property in the Fourmile Creek watershed. The stormwater project proposed includes stream restoration of the SE Tributary to Fourmile Creek (Tributary B), including weirs, bank shaping, toe protection, trees, and native plantings. The project also includes the creation of a native buffer along the stream channel in the city’s Summerbrook Park, installing four native planting beds, installing a pervious surface trail, installing a series of rain gardens/biorentention cells, and installing educational signage. Polk County Soil and Water Conservation District has committed $17,000 towards the native buffer and rain garden/biorentention cell. The city of Ankeny was also awarded a $100,000 I-JOBS grant from IDNR to complete the stormwater retrofit practices. The largest component of this project is public education. Our vision for this project is to take the entire 281 acre watershed and address it as a whole. We want to make a collaborative watershed that not only addresses the water entering the stream channel through adjacent properties, but takes each individual parcel within the watershed and strives to reduce contributions to the stormwater system. The stormwater issues of concern for Tributary B include stormwater volume, sediment, and nutrients. The stream restoration, best management practices (BMP) at Summerbrook Park, and BMPs on private property should help decrease the volume of stormwater and reduce the amount of sediment and nutrients that enter Tributary B and ultimately Fourmile Creek.

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