Iowa Privacy Task Force Final Report, January 22, 2002

(2002) Iowa Privacy Task Force Final Report, January 22, 2002. Public Health, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)


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In appointing the Iowa Privacy Task Force, Governor Vilsack sought to obtain the opinions of both average Iowa citizens and businesses and professionals that work with health and financial information. The Governor recognized that the free flow of information is essential to the vitality of the Iowa economy. At the same time, he also recognized the legitimate fears and concerns of Iowa citizens with the potential loss of privacy inherent in the vast new information flows in this new economy. In order to obtain broad and balanced input, the Governor appointed half the members of the Task Force to represent average Iowa citizens. The other half of the Task Force was appointed with representatives of the financial services industry, providers of health care and the health insurance industry. The Task Force was further balanced to represent the different geographic regions of the state and gender. A total of 32 members were appointed to the Task Force.

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