Privatization of Retail Liquor Sales in Iowa, July 16, 1999

(1999) Privatization of Retail Liquor Sales in Iowa, July 16, 1999. Alcoholic Beverages Division (Commerce)


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In January 1987, when it became apparent that the Legislature did not intend to further debate the merits of retail liquor store privatization, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division had only from mid-January to March 1st, to plan for the conversion fro state liquor stores to private licensed liquor retailers. A longer lead time would have effected a much smoother transition, with fewer errors. It also would have been more successful had the Alcoholic Beverages Division been able to provide input in the writing of the legislation. Many problems could have been avoided. However, any statements made by the Alcoholic Beverages Division were treated only as being self-serving and were largely ignored. Overall, privatization was a good idea and has been a financial success as well.

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