If only all the hands that reach could touch; if only all the eyes that look could see; if only all the lips that speak could communicate; if only all those who listen could discern; if only all those who hunger for freedom could be free ... if only all the needs that exist could be budgeted. But ours is an imperfect world. We do the best we can with what we have. And we will continue to try to get our needs prioritized higher in the state budget. But FY-79 was a year of adapting and using our limited resources creatively.

Isolating each division of our organization for the purpose of this report tends to break up the wholeness of our agency in the eyes of the reader, however, treating each division as a separate chapter is necessary to most effectively explain the function of each. Keep in mind, that in reality each employee is like a spoke in a wheel. Each one bears a different burden at different times. Also groups or divisions of spokes bear a different burden at different times in order to support the total weight. And as long as each spoke, each group, supports its burden, the wheel moves forward until it reaches its destination.

We will remember FY-79 as a year for remembering electronically ... (p. 14) and finding quick solutions to difficult problems through early settlement ... (p. 19); for having more federal money in our budget than ever before ... (p. 7); for eliminating mandatory retirement in state government ... (p. 39); for removing any obligations employers have to cover abortions in their insurance benefits ... (p. 39); for the Iowa Supreme Court handing down three decisions on pregnant workers ... (p. 26); for documenting widespread discrimination in both the housing rental and sales market of Council Bluffs ... (p. 29); for receiving a record number of complaints ... (p. 13); for publishing materials to help employers better recruit certain protected classes ... (p. 34); for reaching out more to the handicapped, like having a new toll free telephone number for them (p. 36) ...

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