The Clerical Supervisor at the Commission during FY- 79 was Ms. Tereasa Jefferson. Her formal title was Confidential Secretary 111. She was the Confidential Secretary to the Executive Director and served as Secretary to the Commission at their monthly meetings.

Ms. Jefferson had previous experience in another law enforcement agency, namely, the Iowa Department of Public Safety, which includes the Iowa Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. She did all of the clerical duties at the radio maintenance center. Ms. Jefferson attended North High School in Des Moines. She is a graduate of the American Institute of Business (Des Moines) where she completed a two-year program to earn an Associate Degree in Business Administration. She took charge of our clerical staff in March of 1978.

That staff consisted of three Secretary Ill's, one Power Typist and four Clerk Typist Ill's. Prior to
March of 1978, we did not have a steno pool. We assigned each Clerk Typist or Secretary to handle clerical duties for a group of other staff members. This was a team concept in which a Secretary was a member of each team. The steno pool we have now maintains the team concept, but all the members of the team are clerical. All word processing work is now entered in a log and assigned a number. The pool processes all material in date order unless certain work is designated as a priority. The steno team has made a significant contribution to efficiency in our office.

The clerical division in FY-79 was short of help. Two federally funded positions which started in October, 1978, went vacant most of the year. The majority of applicants mentioned that working downtown was the reason they declined the job. Traffic and parking posed problems they were not willing to undertake with the limited salaries offered for clerical positions.

Another vital part of our clerical division is Ms. Velora Vertz, our Accounting Technician. Like the Clerical Supervisor, she reports directly to the Executive Director. Her position was formerly known as Bookkeeper, however, in FY-79 the position was upgraded due to the increased level of sophistication needed to account for money and equipment. Her position change is probably a sign of the times. Like many government agencies, we are experiencing a higher demand for reports of all kinds. Federal agencies, state government and the public at large are all making these demands. In addition, we have more federal money coming into the agency than ever before and along with it, specialized reporting requirements.

Despite an especially heavy workload this year due to our record intake and the vacancies which existed, our clerical division got us through all right. And we are grateful for all the help they gave us. We are pleased to report that the steno pool is working smoothly and we hove to have our vacancies filled in short order

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