The Honorable Terry E. Branstad
Governor of the State of Iowa
The State Capitol
Des Moines, Iowa 50319

Dear Governor Branstad:

In accordance with the Code of Iowa, I hereby transmit to you and to the General Assembly the Annual Report of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for fiscal year 1985.

As the Commission embarks on its 20th year, our goal of preventing and eliminating discrimination is as pressing now than it was twenty years ago. The State of Iowa, through legislation, has recognized the necessity to expand civil rights protection for more Iowans. Thus, the demands by Iowans on our agency to protect their rights increases yearly.

As examination of this report will demonstrate the Commission's effective progress in eliminating discriminatory barriers and in promoting equal opportunity for all Iowans. This report reflect the countless hours of dedicated service of the agency's staff and Commissioners, each of whom has made a unique contribution to the civil rights efforts of our state.

Your continued support of the Commission in its ongoing efforts to carry out the mandates of the Legislature and the Act are earnestly solicited and appreciated.

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