The Commission's FY 1985 state budget was $776,260 as compared to $766,708 in FY 1984.

The Commission purchased a new IBM System 36 computer which was installed in December 1984. It has four terminals, one personal computer and three printers. The implementation of the data processing program will revolutionize the agency's office work, e.g., when fully implemented the system will save approximately 30% of support staffs' time.

In the budgetary area, legislative liaison efforts resulted in no reductions for the agency's appropriation for FY 1986. In addition, the agency was able to maintain $25,000 for the new contract compliance program. Also, the agency instituted a new budgetary monitoring control system that accurately tracks the agency's budget on a monthly basis.

During FY 1985, nine (9) student interns were utilized that provided valuable work assistance to the agency.

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