Mr. Leo Karn is our Director of Operations. He is an attorney who has been with our agency for four years. Prior to 1974, he held the position of Hearing Officer with the Iowa Department of Social Services. Before being in the Department of Social Services, he was an attorney with Carriers Insurance Co. (Des Moines).

Mr. Karn serves much the same function in our organization that a roving linebacker serves on a football team! His position demands versatility in that he has a variety of functions. The Affirmative Action Director, the Education Director, the Hearing Officer and the Developmental Disabilities Director all report to Mr. Karn. After all incoming complaints are recorded, the secretary routes them to Mr. Karn for his review. He then determines whether the complaint meets all the filing requirements in terms of format. Is the complaint correctly notarized? Did the intake person fully identify the respondent and charging party? Beyond that he inspects the statement of the complaint itself in terms of content. Does the wording clearly explain the problem? Does it offer a comparison either as to how others were treated or how a policy unevenly affects one group over another? In addition, Mr. Karn procures equipment and furniture for the operation of the agency. He is also part of the management team, thus, he participates in planning and decision-making for the whole agency, as well as, contributes his knowledge on legal questions. Under the Merit System his position is classified as a Civil Rights Specialist IV. Director of Operations and the Compliance Director are the only two Civil Rights Specialist IV positions in the agency.

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