Recidivism of State FY96 Prison Releases in Iowa, May 2001

(2001) Recidivism of State FY96 Prison Releases in Iowa, May 2001. Human Rights, Department of


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Expanding on research first presented in the Iowa Board of Parole FY99 Annual Report, this report presents recidivism data on offenders released from Iowa prisons during State FY1996 (July 1, 1995 – June 30, 1996). The figures presented here differ from those included in last year’s report due to four changes in the study. First, this year’s research includes data on those released from work release facilities, who were inadvertently omitted last year. In addition, the current figures include an additional year of tracking, as a second round of “rapsheets” was obtained to detect recidivism occurring within the last year.2 Also enhancing this year’s report is the availability of national recidivism data through the Interstate Identification Index (III). Further, while last year’s data looked only at the first new offense following release, this year’s study examines the most serious new conviction, resulting in higher felony recidivism rates. One note of caution should be voiced concerning the use of out-of-state records. A review of these records suggests very incomplete disposition reporting in III from some other states. In examining these records, it was not unusual to find a string of serious arrests with no dispositions noted. It was tempting in these situations to conclude that there must have been a conviction at some point, but we have resisted that urge when presenting figures on new convictions. This report is not intended to be an all-encompassing review of recidivism. Rather, it is meant to provide an illustration of the types of recidivism data available on prison releases in Iowa. Readers interested in other analyses of the data are urged to contact CJJP with suggestions and requests.

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