Growing The Fields of Opportunity for Children and Adults with Autism in Iowa, 2009-2010

(2010) Growing The Fields of Opportunity for Children and Adults with Autism in Iowa, 2009-2010. Public Health, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)

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Many would argue that the dramatic rise in autism has reached critical mass, and this council echoes that statement. Iowa, like many states in the nation, is currently ill equipped to handle the large influx of children and adults with autism. When this council was initially formed we were facing diagnosis rates of 1 in 150 and currently the diagnosis rate is 1 in 91. Current resource strains in education, qualified trained professionals, access to care, and financial services are rapidly deteriorating Iowa’s ability to deliver quality services to children, adults, and families affected by autism. If Iowa leadership fails to act quickly the already strained system will face a breaking point in the following areas: financing, coordination of care, educational resources, early identification, adult services, and access to service delivery - just to name a few. This council has taken the past 12 plus months hearing testimony from state officials, providers, and caregivers to ensure that care for those with autism is effective, cost efficient, and accessible. This council will be making recommendations on three major areas; early identification, seamless support/coordination of care, and financing of care. While these areas will be highlighted in this first annual report it in no way minimizes other areas that need to be addressed such as early intervention, special education, training, in-home support services, financing options, and data collection. Implementing the initial recommendations of this council will lay foundational support for the areas mentioned above. Often those in position to help ask what can be done to help families in Iowa. This council has provided a roadmap to help facilitate effective and proven treatments to children and adults with autism.

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