Iowa Plan for Brain Injury, 2007-2010

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) impacts the lives of thousands of Iowans every year. TBI has been described as the “Silent Epidemic” because so often the scars are not visible to others. The affects of brain injury are cognitive, emotional, social, and can result in physical disability. In addition to the overwhelming challenges individuals with brain injury experience, families also face many difficulties in dealing with their loved one’s injury, and in navigating a service delivery system that can be confusing and frustrating. In 1998, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) conducted a comprehensive statewide needs assessment of brain injury in Iowa. This assessment led to the development of the first Iowa Plan for Brain Injury, “Coming Into Focus.” An updated state plan, the Iowa Plan for Brain Injuries 2002 – 2005, was developed, which reported on progress of the previous state plan, and outlined gaps in service delivery in Iowa. Four areas of focus were identified by the State Plan for Brain Injuries Task Force that included: 1) Expanding the Iowa Brain Injury Resource Network (IBIRN); 2) Promoting a Legislative and Policy Agenda, While Increasing Legislative Strength; 3) Enhancing Data Collection; and, 4) Increasing Funding. The IDPH utilized “Coming Into Focus” as the framework for an application to the federal TBI State Grant Program, which has resulted in more than $900,000 for plan implementation. Iowa continues to receive grant dollars through the TBI State Grant Program, which focuses on increasing capacity to serve Iowans with brain injury and their families. Highlighting the success of this grant project, in 2007 the IDPH received the federal TBI Program’s “Impacting Systems Change” Award. The Iowa Brain Injury Resource Network (IBIRN) is the product of nine years of TBI State Grant Program funding. The IBIRN was developed to ensure that Iowans got the information and support they needed after a loved one sustained a TBI. It consists of a hospital and service provider pre-discharge information and service linkage process, a resource facilitation program, a peer-to-peer volunteer support network, and a service provider training and technical assistance program. Currently over 90 public and private partners work with the IDPH and the Brain Injury Association of Iowa (BIA-IA) to administer the IBIRN system and ensure that families have a relevant and reliable location to turn for information and support. Further success was accomplished in 2006 when the Iowa legislature created the Brain Injury Services Program within the IDPH. This program consists of four components focusing on increasing access to services and improving the effectiveness of services available to individuals with TBI and their families, including: 1) HCBS Brain Injury Waiver-Eligible Component; 2) Cost Share Component; 3) Neuro-Resource Facilitation; and, 4) Enhanced Training. The Iowa legislature appropriated $2.4 million to the Brain Injury Services Program in state fiscal year (SFY) 2007, and increased that amount to $3.9 million in SFY 2008. The Cost Share Component models the HCBS Brain Injury Waiver menu of services but is available for Iowans who do not qualify functionally or financially for the Waiver. In addition, the Neuro-Resource Facilitation program links individuals with brain injury and their families to needed supports and services. The Iowa Plan for Brain Injury highlights the continued need for serving individuals with brain injury and their families. Additionally, the Plan outlines the paths of prevention and services, which will expand the current system and direct efforts into the future.

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