Iowa Power Fund Board Project Report Update, July 29, 2009

(2009) Iowa Power Fund Board Project Report Update, July 29, 2009. Iowa Economic Development Authority


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Climate refers to the long-term course or condition of weather, usually over a time scale of decades and longer. It has been documented that our global climate is changing (IPCC 2007, Copenhagen Diagnosis 2009), and Iowa is no exception. In Iowa, statistically significant changes in our precipitation, streamflow, nighttime minimum temperatures, winter average temperatures, and dewpoint humidity readings have occurred during the past few decades. Iowans are already living with warmer winters, longer growing seasons, warmer nights, higher dew-point temperatures, increased humidity, greater annual streamflows, and more frequent severe precipitation events (Fig. 1-1) than were prevalent during the past 50 years. Some of the impacts of these changes could be construed as positive, and some are negative, particularly the tendency for greater precipitation events and flooding. In the near-term, we may expect these trends to continue as long as climate change is prolonged and exacerbated by increasing greenhouse gas emissions globally from the use of fossil fuels and fertilizers, the clearing of land, and agricultural and industrial emissions. This report documents the impacts of changing climate on Iowa during the past 50 years. It seeks to answer the question, “What are the impacts of climate change in Iowa that have been observed already?” And, “What are the effects on public health, our flora and fauna, agriculture, and the general economy of Iowa?”

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