Iowa Pseudoephedrine Control Law, March 22, 2005

(2005) Iowa Pseudoephedrine Control Law, March 22, 2005. Drug Control Policy, Office of


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This law is intended to reduce the number of hazardous methamphetamine labs in Iowa, by controlling meth cooks’ access to the key meth-making ingredient: pseudoephedrine. In 2004, Iowa law enforcement agencies responded to a record 1,472 meth lab incidents. Below, please find links to: Senate File 169 (Iowa’s pseudoephedrine control law); an Iowa meth fact sheet; a brief overview of the law; and general compliance guidelines for consumers, pharmacies, retailers and law enforcement. Most provisions of this law, pertaining to pseudoephedrine sales, are effective May 21, 2005. However, two other provisions were effective immediately—March 22, 2005—upon the Governor’s signing of this measure into law: (1) removal of exceptions on the Schedule V Controlled Substance status for ephedrine [all ephedrine products now may only be sold in licensed pharmacies…no retail sales of ephedrine permitted]; and (2) addition of a requirement that bailable defendants charged with manufacture, delivery, possession with the intent to deliver, or distribution of methamphetamine, shall, in addition to a substance abuse evaluation, remain under supervision and be required to undergo random drug tests as a condition of release.

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