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Every year, a typical family in the United States spends around half of its home energy budget on heating and cooling. In Iowa, that percentage can be higher, due to temperature extremes reached during the winter and summer months. Unfortunately, many of those dollars often are wasted, because conditioned air escapes through leaky ceilings, walls and foundations—or flows through inadequately insulated attics, exterior walls and basements. In addition, many heating systems and air conditioners aren’t properly maintained or are more than 10 years old and very inefficient, compared to models being sold today. As a result, it makes sense to analyze your home as a collection of systems that must work together in order to achieve peak energy savings. For example, you won’t get anywhere near the savings you’re expecting from a new furnace if your airhandling ducts are uninsulated and leak at every joint. The most energy-efficient central air-conditioning setup won’t perform to your expectations if your attic insulation is inadequate and can’t reduce solar heat gain to help keep your home cool. And planting the wrong types of trees or shrubs close to your home adversely can affect potential energy savings all year long.

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