2012 Iowa Drug Control Strategy

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Drug use is a preventable behavior; drug addiction is a treatable disease; and a balanced approach of proven and promising prevention, treatment and enforcement is required to protect Iowans from drugs now and in the future. Drug abuse itself is a two-faceted problem, affected by both the available supply of and the demand for illegal drugs and other substances of abuse. Any strategy dealing with both the supply of and demand for drugs of abuse must be three-fold and involve these coordinated components: 1) Prevention strategies to discourage the initial human demand for drugs, 2) Treatment for those who already abuse or are addicted to drugs, in order to halt their drug-seeking behavior, and 3) Law enforcement actions to decrease the supply of illegal drugs and bring to treatment those who otherwise would not seek help. It is with these three approaches in mind that the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy presents the 2012 Iowa Drug Control Strategy. Mark J. Schouten Director, Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy

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