In Service to Iowa : Public Library Standards, 5th edition, 2010

(2010) In Service to Iowa : Public Library Standards, 5th edition, 2010. Library of Iowa, State


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The Standards and Accreditation program exists to encourage the ongoing development of high quality public library services in Iowa. In Service to Iowa: Public Library Standards is the manual for the State Library of Iowa’s standards program. It was first published in 1985 and was updated in 1989, 1997, 2004, and now in 2010. Iowa’s voluntary public library standards program was established to give public libraries a tool to identify strengths and areas for improvement. It is also used to document the condition of public library service in Iowa, to distribute Direct State Aid funding, and to meet statutory requirements. In 2010, the Iowa Commission of Libraries appointed the Public Library Standards Advisory Task Force to revise In Service to Iowa. The Task Force included members representing libraries from different size categories, the Iowa Commission of Libraries, Library Service Area staff, and State Library staff. All members support and stress the importance of the accreditation process and thank the Iowa public library community for its assistance.

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