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(1934) Corn Acreage and Production 1968-75, 1934. Iowa State University

(1934) Iowa Corn Research Institute; Policy, Organization & Projects, 1934. Iowa State University

(1934) Iowa Corn Yield Test: Results of, 1934. Iowa State University

3 January 1938

(1938) Iowa Agriculture, Vol 3, No. 1, January 3, 1938. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

1 May 1938

(1938) Iowa Agriculture, Vol 3, No. 5, May 1, 1938. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

1 October 1938

(1938) Iowa Agriculture, Vol 3, No. 10, October 1, 1938. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

August 1956

(1956) Production Functions, Isoquants, Isoclines and Economic Optima in Corn Fertilization for Experiments with Two and Three Variable Nutrients by William G. Brown, August 1956. Iowa State University

January 1957

(1957) Effects of the USDA Corn Storage Program on Corn Carryover Stocks and Corn Utilization, January 1957. Iowa State University

February 1958

(1958) Seasonal Changes in Soil Moisture as related to Rainfall, Soil Type and Crop Growth by R.H. Shaw, J.R. Runkles and G.L. Barger, February 1958. Iowa State University

March 1958

(1958) Research on Irrigation of Corn and Soybeans at Conesville and Ankeny, Iowa, 1951-1955 by G.O. Schwab, March 1958. Iowa State University

April 1962

(1962) North Central Regional Potassium Studies 3 Field Studies with Corn, April 1962. Iowa State University

June 1962

(1962) Derivation of Hydrographs for Small Watersheds from Measurable Physical Characteristics by Don M. Gray, June 1962. Iowa State University

(1962) Short-Run Corn Supply and Fertilizer Demand Functions based on Production Functions Derived from Experimental Data, June 1962. Iowa State University

September 1965

(1965) Yield Response of Corn in a Planosol Soil to Subsurface Drainage with Variable Tile Spacings, September 1965. Iowa State University

September 1966

(1966) How a Corn Plant Develops: Special Report 48, September 1966. Iowa State University

June 1967

(1967) Selection in Zea Mays L. by Inbred Line Appearance and Testcross Performance in Low and High Plant Densities, June 1967. Iowa State University

November 1967

(1967) Interrelationships of Plant Population, Soil Moisture and Soil Fertility in Determining Corn Yields on Colo Clay Loam at Ames Iowa, November 1967. Iowa State University

December 1967

(1967) Some Factors Influencing Populations of the European Corn Borer in the North Central States: Resistance of Corn, Time of Planting and Weather Conditions Part II, 1958-1962, December 1967. Iowa State University

July 1968

(1968) Estimation and Imputation of Crop Yield advances by States and Regions, July 1968. Iowa State University

January 1974

(1974) Corn Planting Dates, July 1974. Iowa State University Extension

(1974) Getting the Most Out of N for Corn, January 1974. Iowa State University Extension

May 1974

(1974) High-Moisture Corn Storage prepared by Larry Van Vossen, May 19074. Iowa State University


(1975) Iowa, Where the Tall Corn Grows: (and everything else!) 1975. Iowa State University Extension

November 1983

(1983) Sulfur--an essential nutrient, 1983. Iowa State University Extension

January 1986

(1986) How a corn plant develops, 1986. Iowa State University Extension

June 1986

(1986) Corn Rootworm Management, June 1986. Iowa State University


(1989) Cornpath: A Data Retrieval System for Corn Diseases, 1989. Iowa State University

May 1989

(1989) European Corn Borer: Development and Management, 1989. Iowa State University Extension


(2006) Concepts and Rationale for Regional Nitrogen Rate Guidelines for Corn, April 2006. Iowa State University Extension

(2006) The Long-Run Impact of Corn-Based Ethanol on the Grain, Oilseed, and Livestock Sectors: A Preliminary Assessment, November 2006. Iowa State University


(2007) Emerging Biofuels: Outlook of Effects on U.S. Grain, Oilseed, and Livestock Markets, 2007. Iowa State University

(2007) Impact of High Crop Prices on Environmental Quality: A Case of Iowa and the Conservation Reserve Program, 2007. Iowa State University

(2007) Watching Corn Grow: A Hedonic Study of the Iowa Landscape, april 2007. Iowa State University

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