The Iowa Department of Public Safety has a history of dedication and service to the citizens of Iowa and those that visit our state. Since it was first established in 1939, the Department of Public Safety has been the chief law enforcement agency in the State of Iowa.
Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, in the Wallace State Office Building on the Capitol Complex, the Department of Public Safety also has a presence statewide with 38 field offices.

The Department of Public Safety currently is divided into 5 divisions: Administrative Services, Criminal Investigation, Narcotics Enfocement, State Fire Marshal, and the Iowa State Patrol.

In addition, there are 4 bureaus within the Commissioner's Office that provide assistance and support to the divisions and other law enforcement and fire services agencies.

Private Investigators must be licensed to practice in Iowa. DCI Criminalists are highly trained in the investigation of crimes. State Patrol Troopers investigate collissions and offer aid to motorists in need. Removing alcohol or drug impaired motorists from Iowa roadways is a top priority  for the State Patrol State Fire Marshal Investigators are called upon to determine to cause and origin of many fires. DCI Gaming Enforcement Officers work to ensure all gaming rules and regulations are followed at the gaming facilities in Iowa. DNE Agents work to eradicate drugs in Iowa.

The Department of Public Safety is proud of the integrity, dedication, and leadership of its
960 employees, people that form an integral part of Iowa's law enforcement community.