Team Diversity

"A newsletter for and aboutCommunity Diversity Appreciation Teams"

Volume 2, Number 5 211 E. MapleSt., Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1858 Nov./Dec. 1997

Purpose of Team Diversity Newsletter:
To recognize the work of community diversity appreciationteams in Iowa and to share information about teams and diversity-relatedideas and resources.

Working Teams:

Ames Diversity Appreciation Team
Sheila Lundt (515-239-5101)

Cedar Rapids Diversity Appreciation Team
Louise Lorenz (319-398-5036)

Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team
Walter Reed (319-291-4441)

Charles City International Fellowship
Melissa Oleson (515-228-1071)

Denison Cultural Diversity Committee
Marsha Kracht (712-263-8733) or
Coletta Weeda (712-263-4697)

Diverse-Cities Team
Heather Shank (319-356-5022)

Estherville Diversity Appreciation Team
Glenn Bohmer (712-362-3237)

Hampton Diversity Committee
Pat Sackville (515-456-5668)

Marshalltown Diversity Committee
Sandy Burke (515-294-9307)

North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team
Lois Fingalsen (515-421-4600)

Polk Co. Diversity Appreciation Coalition
Barbara Hug (515-263-2660)

Quad Cities' Diversity/Racial Equity Round- tables/Bi-State Anti-Hate Response Team
Brenda Drew-Peeples (319-326-0717)

Racism/Race Relations Committee
Matt Boley and Connie Barrett (712-274-8678)

Siouxland Diversity Coalition
Matt Boley (712-258-5137)

Storm Lake Diversity Task Force
Dale Carver (712-732-6767)

Tama Co. Team for Intercultural Community
Clarence Lippert (515-484-4811)

Webster Co. Diversity Appreciation Team
Ed O'Leary (515-576-2201)
Siouxland Diversity Coalition 
December 8, 1997

Those attending
: Connie Barret, Advocate for the Court Committed Mentally Ill; Royce Barnum & Dick Hayes, Human Rights Commission; Douglas Burell, Asst. Co. Attorney; Hay Hoogendyk, SCOD-CAST; Dave Madsen, KTIV- TV; Marie Scheffer, Baha'i Faith; Lillian Gross, La Casa Latina; Cindi Chen, WIT; Lillian Lopez, Morningside College; Matt Boley & Jeremy Foster, Mary Treglia Community House; Douglas Zhu, Rehabilitation; James Sherman, Jewish Community; Jan Ojinnaka, Briar Cliff; Fr. Marvin Boas, St. Boniface Catholic Church; Ed Mazeika, American Indian Center; and Eloise Caltvedt, ISU Extension.

Chairperson, Matt Boley called the meeting to order. Minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed. There was no Treasurer's report. The current balance is $2,021.81.

Committee Reports
Study Circles

The fifth study circle will conclude this Thursday evening. There have been eleven attending regularly. A representative from the Journal will be at- tending to observe and interview participants. It was suggested that we give them a phone number to include in the article for those who may be interested in attending. Cyndi reported on how the last one went. Marie asked to be added to the list, if her name is not already on it. The plan is to start another series in February.
Universal Human Rights Day - December 10
Matt shared with the coalition the agenda for the day. The meeting will be held at the Wilbur Aalfs Library meeting room. Snacks and drinks will be provided.
Siouxland Foundation Grant Application
Applications are due January 15. Eloise and Matt will work together to write a proposal for funding Diversity Day and a facilitator's training for Study Circle leaders.
Civil Rights In-Service
Eloise has prepared a 2 1/2-hour training entitled "Creating a Respectful Environment" for ISU Extension staff. It was suggested that she prepare an "executive summary" of the training so it could be more readily promoted by Coalition members. She will include that in the next mailing.
Nominating Committee
Cyndi, Beth and Dick are contacting those on the mailing list to determine if they are still interested in receiving the mailings. Dick and Beth will re- port in as soon as they have completed the calling.
Martin Luther King Celebration - January 19
Jan announced that Briar Cliff College and Mt. Olive Church will be sponsoring the Martin Luther King Celebration, 7:30 p.m. At the Briar Cliff Chapel.
Marie Scheffer and Royce Barnum reported on the work they had done with the by-laws. It was voted to prepare copy with the changes, including deleting bracketed parts and inserting the bolded changes. It was voted to move the annual meeting time to December.

White Privilege

"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack," by Peggy McIntosh.


The Diverse-Cities Team and the Iowa City Human Rights Commission are sponsoring a panel discussion on race relations on Tuesday, February 17, 1998, at the Iowa City Public Library beginning at 7 pm. The Iowa City Team has expanded to the "Diverse-Cities Team," representing people and organizations from both Iowa City and Coralville.

The ICRC has purchased the C-Span video of President Clinton's December 3, 1997 Town Hall Meeting on Race. Although not a study circle, the Town Hall Meeting is a very loud call for study circles. To borrow the Town Hall video or any of ICRC's videos, please call or E-Mail Carol Leach at 515-281-8354, 1-800-457-4416 ext. 1-8354, <>.

The Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team is sponsoring a Study Circles Facilitator Training Session on Saturday, January 24, 1998 in Waterloo. The Session will probably run 4 1/2 hours. For more information, please call Walter Reed at 319-291-4441.

The ICRC is also sponsoring a Study Circles Facilitator Training Session, in Des Moines, on Friday, January 30, 1998. For more information, please call Don Grove at 515-281-8084.