Team Diversity

"A newsletter for and about Community Diversity Appreciation Teams"

"Noticias sobre los Grupos Comunitarios Fomentando Diversidad Cultural"

Volume 2, Number 3 211 E. Maple St., Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1858 July/August 1997

Purpose of Team Diversity Newsletter:
To recognize the work of community diversity appreciation teams in Iowa and to share information about teams and diversity-related ideas and resources.

Working Teams:

Ames Diversity Appreciation Team
Sheila Lundt (515-239-5101)

Cedar Rapids Diversity Appreciation Team
Louise Lorenz (319-398-5036)

Cedar Valley Diversity Appreciation Team
Walter Reed (319-291-4441)

Charles City International Fellowship
Melissa Oleson (515-228-1071)

Denison Cultural Diversity Committee
Marsha Kracht (712-263-8733) or
Coletta Weeda (712-263-4697)

Estherville Diversity Appreciation Team
Glenn Bohmer (712-362-3237)

Hampton Diversity Committee
Pat Sackville (515-456-5668)

I  owa City Diversity Appreciation Team
Heather Shank (319-356-5022)

Marshalltown Diversity Committee
Sandy Burke (515-294-9307)

Mason City Diversity Appreciation Team
Lionel Foster (515-421-3618)

Polk Co. Diversity Coalition
Barbara Hug (515-263-2660)

Quad Cities' Diversity and Racial Equity Roundtables/Bi-State Anti-Hate Response Team
Brenda Drew-Peeples (319-326-0717)

Racism/Race Relations Committee
Matt Boley and Connie Barrett (712-274-8678)

Siouxland Diversity Coalition
Matt Boley (712-258-5137)

Storm Lake Diversity Task Force
Dale Carver (712-732-6767)

Tama Co. Team for Intercultural Community
Bruce Leitz (319-266-1039) or
Clarence Lippert (515-484-4811)

Webster Co. Diversity Appreciation Team
Ed O'Leary (515-576-2201)
Denison Cultural Diversity Committee
June 12, 1997

Meeting called to order by Coletta Weeda (Crawford County Extension), Chairperson. In attendance were Robert Lohrman (Crawford County Supervisors), Randy Conrad (CCDC), David Anderson (Area Labor Management), Chuck Signs (Denison Newspaper), Father Hoffmann (St. Rose of Lima), Bill Wright (Denison Community Schools), Bernie Poeppe (KDSN), Sandra Melone (IBP), Dick Knowles (Denison Newspaper), Brad Roos (Denison Municipal Utilities), Marcos Paz and Theresa Miller (St. Luke's Gordon Recovery).

Soccer Tournament Will be a one day tournament, August 10, 1997. Sandra and Coletta briefly outlined some tentative plans. Sandra will createa donations list, outlining those things we will need to be donated. Father Hoffmann suggested perhaps contacting the Northside Recreation Concession Group and have them run the concessions, cutting out the "middle man." Sandra will contact Keith Jensen and follow up. Brad said that the Northside Rec didn't have a concessions stand committee so we need to keep that on our schedule. So far eight teams are signed up for the tournament. The two soccer fields have been seeded. Debris is currently being picked up at both fields and both IBP and Farmland have been contacted for funding to help with the fields.

Northside Rec Brick The size of the bricks are 3 1/2" x 11 1/2". Coletta and Sandra shared suggestions for the wording of the Northside Rec Brick. #4 on the suggestions page was suggested with one change. The word Cultural would be added before the word Diversity, and both of these words would be in bold lettering, signifying the "Cultural Diversity Committee." A vote was taken and all present agreed. The brick will read: "CULTURAL DIVERSITY IS WHAT WE CREATE WHEN WE COME TOGETHER."

International Day Ike Johnson will be doing this at the Job Corps regardless of whether we get involved or not this year. Dick suggested we get in touch with Sally Leng.

Welcome Packet Sandra shared sample Welcome Packets with each of the committee members. The packet's major areas include: introduction, restaurants, recreation, churches, schools, banks, and emergency telephone numbers. Father Hoffmann suggested either adding or deleting the number of eating establishments listed in the packet. David suggested just to refer the people to the Chamber for a complete listing of eating places. Sandra will contact the Chamber to see if a pamphlet containing all of the eating establishments in the area could be included in the Welcome Packet. These packets will be distributed to new people coming to the area. Also adding the name and address/phone numbers of the new theaters in town and the places where videos can be rented would be a good idea. Including the Utilities and some other Human Service Agencies may also be something we need to consider. Dick suggested that we get our first version out and make the necessary changes thereafter. Sandra will follow up and get the first one out.

Theresa introduced coworker Mario Paz. She also shared some initiatives that are based on drug/alcohol abuse. Several new programs and initiatives are currently being discussed and hopefully will be utilized in the community.

Sandra shared that a new bilingual part-time position has been hired by Crawford County Public Health.

Dick shared concerns about banking and housing. The community should ensure that we do everything we can to encourage our new residents to stay. Examples include buying homes, buying appliances and "building roots" in the community.

Brad shared that he has been contacted by a "multi-unit home" company. This company would use their capital to build a multi-unit rental complex in Denison. Although this is a rental type facility, it may be a start to helping with our housing shortage. Brad also reminded the committee members to contact our city council members to be positive concerning tax abatements.

Randy concurred with Brad and Dick and shared some examples. We need to encourage our bankers to work with these new residents to buy their own homes and truly become part of the community. David suggested we, as a committee, draft a letter to our local banks explaining our thoughts and encouraging their participation. Sandra will draft this letter.

Labor and management working together when we construct "Kid's Kastle" should also be encouraged. The actual construction will take place over a four-day period. Tuesday, June 17 at Noon is the next labor management meeting.

Next meeting date is July 10, 1997.

Study Circles


The mission of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (ICRC) is to eliminate discrimination in Iowa. Promoting the use of study circles on racism and race relations is one of the ways that the ICRC fights discrimination. For more information about ICRC's Study Circles Program, please contact Don Grove at 515-281-8084, 1-800-457-4416 ext. 1-8084, E-Mail at <>, or visit ICRC's Web Site at <>. There are now six communities in Iowa that have Sponsoring Coalitions working hard to plan and coordinate community-wide study circle programs.

New Video

"Housing Discrimination . . . Who Should Ever Have to Get Used to That?," is a personal account of an African American woman, a professor of law, who experienced housing discrimination. The professor is extremely articulate in describing how housing discrimination makes her feel. The video also dispels the myth that financially qualified, well-educated, people of color can live wherever they can afford (7 1/2 minutes). To borrow any of ICRC's excellent videos, please contact Carol Leach at 515-281-8354, 1-800-457-4416 ext. 1-8354, or E-Mail at <>.

New Books

The Other Americans: How Immigrants Renew Our Country, Our Economy and Our Values - Joel Melman

Bright Radical Star: Black Freedom and White Supremacy on the Hawkeye Frontier - Robert Dykstra

Black Women in White America - Greda Lerner, ed.

Latina: Women's Voices From the Borderlands - Lillian Castillo-Speed, ed.

Growing Up Latino: Memoirs and Stories - Harold Augenbraum, ed.

To borrow any of ICRC's excellent books on diversity, please contact Alison Radl at 515-242-6132, 1-800-457-4416 ext. 2- 6132, or E-Mail at <>.