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New Educational Resources


If you would like to request any of these resources, please call 1-800-457-4416, ext. 1-8354. The publications and a complete video list are also available on our Website,




Avoiding Litigation Landmines: A Survival Guide for Managers. Many employers risk employment-related complaints and lawsuits by committing mistakes that could have been prevented. This video emphasizes the ten most common situations (land- mines), and how managers can properly handle them. (30 mins., VHS) The Kenwood Group.

Free Indeed: a video drama about racism that challenges white viewers to think about the privileges that come with being white in North America, with suggestions for examing old assumptions and dismantling racism. (23 mins., VHS) Mennonite Central Com-mittee.

Getting Along: Words of Encouragement. This four and one half minute video of printed messages and music reminds all types of audiences to work and live together with open hearts and open minds. Excellent as a discussion starter, or for an uplifting closing to a meeting. Produced by Cross-Cultural Communications.

Housing Discrimination... Who Should Ever Have to Get Used to That? A personal account of an African-American woman expressing how she feels after experiencing housing discrimination. The video also dispels the myth that financially qualified, well-educated people of color can live wherever they can afford. (7 mins., VHS) Hope Fair Housing Center.

17 Communities Boast Diversity Teams


Seventeen Iowa Communities have now formed community diversity appreciation teams to address and resolve diversity and discrimination issues locally.

These Teams have been actively involved in making a difference in their communities. Some of the projects have focused on services to newcomers in the community, such as providing additional bi-lingual and translation services, informational meetings with Immigration and Naturalization Service, and printing a directory of private and public service providers.

Sponsorship of Study Circles, Diversity Day in the schools, and diversity training for law enforcement agencies are some of the educational and outreach activities. Teams have also brought people together by sponsoring adult soccer leagues and participating in community festivals.

Some Teams have developed a strategy for responding to hate crimes in the community, and some provide an open forum at their meetings where citizens can voice their concerns on issues.

One of the ways that the Iowa Civil Rights commission fights discrimination is by helping communities form diversity appraciation teams. The Commission publishes a bimonthly newsletter for and about Teams. To get on the mailing list, write or call the Commission. If your community is interested in forming a team, call Don Grove at 1-800-457-4416.

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