State Capitol Building

Des Moines, Iowa 50319

Phone 281-5129

June 30, 1966

Honorable Harold E. Hughes
Governor, State of Iowa

Honorable Members
General Assembly, State of Iowa

Dear Governor Hughes and Iowa Legislators:

This is the first annual report of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission submitted pursuant to section 5(6) of the Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965.

As we review this first year's activity, we are prompted to confirm the sound legislative and executive judgment which saw the need for an agency to deal with the very difficult problems of racial and religious inter- relations in the State of Iowa. Even now, we are aware that we stand farther ahead by taking an affirmative approach and dealing with problems in the formative stages rather than waiting until time breeds a full litter of troubles, as has been the case in some of our more populous neighboring states.

The following report of the first year of our commission is submitted, therefore, in the hope and anticipation that our efforts in this field can be renewed and increased. We urge your comments and suggestions as to how we might best proceed in our second year of operation. We are grateful for the support which you have given us.

Respectfully submitted,


Philip A. Hamilton, Chairman


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