Clerical Staff

Carol Carter

Velora Vertz

Sue Zylstra, Supervisor

Liz Blakely

Marva Taylor

Ilda Elliot


Clerical Division

The entire work flow of the agency was accomplished through the tremendous efforts of the clerical division. The clerical staff, under the supervision of Sue Zylstra, provides assistance in the three program areas of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

The Compliance Division was assigned to four clerical staff members. These tasks involved all stages of the complaint procedures, the deferral transactions, and all legal documents. Ilda Elliott, JoAnn Bragg, Liz Blakely, and Marva Taylor were the personnel during most of the 1974-75 fiscal year. Margaret Holm and Lorene Hawkins were with the agency during part of this fiscal year.

Clerical assistance was provided to the Education and Affirmative Action Divisions by Carol Carter. Her tasks were centered on the typing of publications, setting up conference materials and the general educational correspondence.

Velora Vertz was responsible for all the purchasing, bookkeeping and payroll functions for the Commission.

Sue Zylstra, supervisor of the clerical personnel, is also secretary to the Executive Director and to the Commission.

For a period of two months, Federal monies under Title IB were received and two secretaries were hired to help alleviate caseload work. Mable Varellas and Galen Bolton were the clerical personnel hired.

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission also participated in the New Horizons program through the Des Moines school system by utilizing a high school student for 15-20 hours a week. Helen Weber provided this clerical assistance throughout the 1974-75 fiscal year.

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