State and Federal Case Numbers / Description of Hearing

CP #2534

Diane Fischer v. American Chain and Cable Control Division. Fairfield

Based on sex and relating to terms and conditions of employment relating to reimbursement for time-off due to pregnancy. The case was submitted on stipulations and the hearing officer ruled in favor of the complainant, but the respondent has appealed to the district court while waiting for the United States Supreme Court to make its decision on the same subject.


CP #1940

(May 1976)

Gale Adams v. Hotel Fort Des Moines. Des Moines

New management at the hotel decided to change the plantation motif of the lounge area in which mostly black male employees dressed as colonial servants and waited on tables. As a result, management terminated all of the black males, while retaining the white waiters. The case resulted in an award of $2,500 to nine persons, eight in addition to the person who brought the action.

CP #2826

(June 1976)

Eileen Cowell v. Brass Lantern Restaurant. Sioux City

A waitress applicant, who was 52 years of age, alleged age and sex discrimination after the restaurant failed to hire her. Although the complainant could not adequately show sex discrimination, the Commission did find that the restaurant had discriminated against her on the basis of her age. The hearing officer recommended an award to compensate her in an amount equal to what her base wage would have been since the refusal. However, the Commission increased the award to include what she would have made in tips for a total of $574
plus interest.

CP #2864


(January, 1976)

CP #3020


(January, 1976)

Michael Baker v. Percival Refrigeration Manufacturing Company. Boone

Along with a companion case Paul Guss v. Percival Refrigeration Manufactur- Company.

Complainants alleged race discrimination in the respondent's refusal to hire them. The respondent's primary reason for denying employment was that the complainant's length of residence in Boone was not sufficient. At the hearing the Commission contended that such a reason is not related to job performance and causes a severe impact disproportionately on minorities in Boone, Iowa. The respondent settled the case after the first day of hearing.
Mr. Baker received $585 and Mr. Guss received $715 to compensate them for what they would have earned, but for the discrimination.

CP #2690


CP #2693


(June, 1976)

Genevieve Sullivan v. Stampfers Department Store (McCoy, Stampfers and Hills, Inc.). Dubuque

and Florence Thurston v. Stampfers Department Store (McCoy, Stampfers and Hills, Inc.).


Sullivan and Thurston were not covered by the employer's pension or retirement plan in existence, yet they were forced to retire at the age of 65. The Commission contends that to retire someone in connection with a bona fide pension or retirement plan in existence is not a violation of the Iowa Civil Rights Act. Although Stampfers had a bona fide retirement plan for some employees, Thurston and Sullivan were not covered under any plan. Both the Commission and Stampfers agreed to submit the case to the hearings officer with stipulations as to the facts and a request for conclusions at law. The stipulations are still in the process of being worked out between Stampfers and the Attorney General's office and no ruling has been received as the complete information has yet to be brought before the hearing officer.

CP #2865


(March, 1976)

Michael Baker v. Arctic-Circle Drive-In Restaurant. Boone

Baker alleged that the restaurant refused to hire him because of his race. The hearing order was in his favor and he received an award of $91.79 as compensation for back wages.

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