Gretchen Lee, Chairperson



Gretchen Bataille, Vice-Chairperson



Charles Toney



George Garcia

Iowa City


Evelyne Villines

Des Moines


Harriette Bruce

Des Moines


Jack Peters

Council Bluffs




The policy making body of the Commission consists of seven Commissioners, appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. They represent geographical areas within the state with no more than four belonging to the same political party. Appointments are made to staggered four-year terms. A per diem and expenses incurred are allocated to every Commissioner while on official Commission business.

Commissioners' duties include the development of rules and regulations for the agency, and deciding Probable Cause or No Probable Cause findings in discrimination cases. It is also the Commissioners' responsibility to approve cases for public hearings, to review the findings and to issue the final order on a public hearing case.

Meetings once a month bring the Commissioners together to discuss the goals and timetables of the director and his staff. The need for keeping current on Civil Rights legislation requires the Commissioners to spend some time in training sessions. They also make various public appearances on behalf of the Commission.

Commissioners have the responsibility to make recommendations to the General Assembly for further legislation in the area of Civil Rights.

Three new Commissioners joined the Commission during the fiscal year. They are Charles Toney of Davenport (August, 1975) Evelyne Villines of Des Moines (August, 1975) and Gretchen Bataille of Ames (September, 1975). Two other Commissioners left the Commission later in the year. They are James Gillman of Des Moines (June, 1976) and Dr. Gary Koerselman of Sioux City (June, 1976). Dr. Koerselman served as chairperson of the Commission since April of 1975.

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