Training and Education are integral segments of the Commission. The purpose of training is to maintain a consistent, high standard of work or to introduce new, improved work methods. The intent of education is to convey to the public what Chapter 601A, Code of Iowa means and what its rights and duties are pursuant to the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

In FY 1980 training continued to be provided to staff through in-service training, and external training. Also, educational information was again disseminated through publications, public speeches, and workshops.

Two (2) novel educational projects were initiated in FY 1980. The first, "Lunch and Learn", was geared toward upgrading Commission staff. The educational topics were selected by group interest and with a new discussion leader each week. The sessions were fruitful and well received. Secondly, the Commission began a Speaker's Bureau. The Speaker's Bureau consisted of staff with proficiency and interest in public speaking. The five-member Speaker's Bureau was very active in FY 1980 in responding to requests for public speeches.


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