The investigative division comprised of the Extended and New Case units, is the origin of nearly all commission compliance efforts. Investigatory activity involves the examination of complaints through skilled and objective interviews and records analysis. Investigators then submit information gathered to the Internal Hearings Officer. The Internal Hearings Officer issues an order notifying parties of the result of the Commission investigation. Investigations can result in a finding of No Jurisdiction (NJ), Administratively Closed (AC), Satisfactorily Adjusted (SA), Withdrawn (WD), No Probable Cause (NPC) or Probable Cause (PC). All cases with findings other than Probable Cause are closed.

Case closures fell from the FY 80 total of 1105 to 694 in FY 81.

Chart 4 Fiscal year 81 case closures

Fiscal Year Number of Case Closures
1981 694
1980 1105

A look at Chart 5 indicates that most closures were either Satisfactory Adjustments (220) or No Probable Cause (170).

Chart 5

Case Closures by Type Fiscal Year 1980

Type of Closure SA NPC AC WD NJ Closure After Hearing SC Right-to-sue Total
Number of Closures 220(32%) 170(24%) 138(20%) 98(14%) 26(4%) 22(3%) 11(2%) 9(1%) 694(100%)

In an instance where investigation reveals that discrimination has occurred, a Probable Cause determination is issued. Probable Cause cases are handled by Staff conciliators.

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