Investigating discrimination complaints involves the skillful examination of evidence gained through records analysis. Investigations can result in a finding of. No Jurisdiction (NJ), Administratively Closed (AC), Satisfactorily Adjusted (SA), Withdrawn (WD), No Probable Cause (NPC), or Probable Cause (PC). All cases with findings other than Probable Cause are closed. During FY 1982, 1,137 cases were handled compared to the 694 for FY 1981.

A look at Chart 4 indicates findings rendered in cases processed in FY-1982.

Chart 4 Case Finding by Type



SA 186 (16%)
NPC 430 (36%)
AC 282 (25%)
WD 104 (9%)
NJ 69 (6%)
Closures after hearing 3 (1%)
SC 19 (2%)
Right to Sue 43 (4%)
Probable Cause 48 (4%)

(Percentages do not add up to 100%.)

Where investigation reveals that discrimination has occurred, a Probable Cause determination is issued, and conciliation efforts begin.

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