The Commission's daily activities involve responding to inquiries from the general public.

During FY 1982, 6,003 persons contacted the Commission for information, referral or to file a complaint Only 753 inquiries resulted in complaints being filed.

If it appears that the person has grounds for filing a complaint, Commission staff proceeds with writing, typing and mailing the complaint forms to the complainant for signature.

Chart I. Complaint Filing Comparisons of

FY 1981 to FY 1982

Year Number of Complaints Filed Percentage Increase
1981 943 -
1982 958 2%

As Chart 1 indicates, during FY-1982 complaint filings increased to 958, an increase of 2% above FY-1981 figure of 943 complaints.

Chart 2. Complaints Filed by Area of Discrimination FY 1982
Year Total Employment Public Accomm. Housing Credit
1982 (100%) 88%) 4% 7% 1%

Chart 2 illustrates that most complaints received during FY 1982 alleged discrimination in employment. (88% were persons filing alleged employment discrimination, 4% public accommodations discrimination, 7% housing discrimination, and 1% credit discrimination.)

Chart 3 (below) shows the basis upon which individuals filed the 958 complaints received in FY 1982. Most persons alleged race discrimination (26%), followed closely by sex discrimination (25%). Physical disability discrimination (12%), age discrimination (11%) and National Origin (3%).

Many complaints filed with the Commission are crossfiled with local and federal agencies. Cross-filing refers to a complaint that falls within the jurisdiction of the local, state, and federal civil rights laws and the individual choosing to file his/her complaint with each agency.

Chart 3

Year Total Sex Race Phy. Dis. **Comb. Age Nat'l Ori. Others
1982 100% 25% 26% 12% 15% 11% 3% 8%

*Others: color, creed, marital status, mental disability, religion, and others.

**Comb. (combination) complaints alleging more than one basis of discrimination.


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