Executive Director

Artis Van Roekel Reis


Administrative Division

** Ta-Yu Yang, Division Director

Iris Herndon, Confidential Secretary

Velora Verta, Accounting Technician

Norma Bosley, Secretary I

Virginia McDermott, Secretary I

Shirley Thomas, Secretary I

Dee Clarkson, CT III

Marcia Coverdale, CT III

Millie O'Brien, WP III

Connie Noah, WP II


Advocacy and Affirmative Action Division

Leo Karn, Division Director

* Ta-Yu Yang, Affirmative Action Manager

*** Warren M. Bailey, Education and Training Manager

Kevin Pokorny, CRS II, Education and Training Manager

** Vernell Hall, Affirmative Action Manager

Jeanne Porter, Director, Protection and Advocacy

James Kelly, CRS II, Protection and Advocacy

DeWayne Nystrom, CRA I, Protection and Advocacy


Compliance Division

Louis Martin, Division Director

* Vernell Hall, Deputy Director

Jon Clarkson, Compliance Manager

Don Grove, Compliance Manager

Oren Garness, Hearing Officer I

Roger Halleck, Hearing Officer I

Ione Shadduck, Hearing Officer II

Carol Groh, CR II, Conciliator

Melville Peter Middleton, CRS II Local Liason

Gloria Jean Roeder, CRS II, Investigator

Janis Smith, CRS II, Conciliator and HUD Monitor

*** Don Bolken, CRS I, Investigator

Wilbur Devine, Jr., CRS I, Mediator

***Eileen Kapaun, CRS I, Investigator

Vicky Long, CRS I, Investigator

Janice Lyle, CRS I, Investigator

*** Jill McCarty, CRS I, Investigator

Dawn Peterson, CRS I Investigator

Jim Peterson, CRS I, Investigator

*** Cindy Adams, CRA I, Intake

Robert King, CRA I, Intake

Lourdez Medina, CRA I, Intake

JoAnn Meeks, CRA I, Intake

Tina Hayes, CT III

*** Bev Caro, Adm. Intern, Mediator

Debbie Chang, Adm. Intern, Mediator

*** Christy Grundberg, Adm. Intern, Mediator

*** Ray Lough, Adm. Intern, Mediator

Greg Smith, Adm. Intern, Mediator

Gingeree Williamson, Adm Intern, Mediator

Legal Staff

** Teresa Baustian, Assistant Attorney General

** Steve Foritano, Assistant Attorney General


* In that position 1sr half of FY

** In that position 2nd half of FY

*** Persons who worked part of the FY

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