Effective December 27, 1983, the agency was reorganized to provide clearer lines of responsibility and communication and to add to the agency's effectiveness and efficiency. There are now three divisions in the Iowa Civil Rights Commission: Administrative, Advocacy and Affirmative Acton, and Compliance.

The Administrative Division is responsible for administrative support, clerical support, legislative liaison, commission liaison and administrative rule coordination. TaYu Yang is the division director.

The Advocacy and Affirmative Acton Division is responsible for the prevention of discrimination through educational, affirmative action, and developmental disability programs. Its activities include training, community liaison, public outreach, contract compliance, individual or group consultation and intervention. Leo Kam is division director

The Compliance Division is responsible for the receipt, mediation, investigation, conciliation, hearing and litigaton of complaints. Louis Martin is division director.

The Management Team consists of the Executive Director and the three division directors.

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