Legislative Study Committee on Civil Rights Laws in Iowa

In 1990 a ten-member Legislative Study Committee was formed to study the ability of existing agencies in Iowa to resolve civil rights complaints initiated under current laws and to recommend ways to expedite case resolution. The committee invited testimony from civil/human rights commissioners and staff, including the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, and the League of Iowa Municipalities.

A final report was submitted in January 1991 with the following recommendations: (1) that the Iowa Civil Rights Commission and the League of Iowa Municipalities develop a pilot project concerning enforcement of civil rights laws, which would involve local commissions who voluntarily agree to participate; (2) that the Legislative Council appoint a task force to make recommendations to strengthen civil rights law enforcement and enhance advocacy and education in human rights; and (3) that the pending fair housing legislation be passed.

Statutory Changes (For complete text of these statutory changes, contact the Commission office.)

Code of Iowa, Section 601A: The General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed, changes in Section 601A.8, relating to unfair or discriminatory practices in housing and real estate, and providing civil remedies and a criminal penalty. Changes were also made in Section 601A.11, relating to aiding, abetting and retaliation.

Iowa Administrative Code, 161, Chapter 3. "Complaint Process": amendments were adopted in subrules 3.15(l) and subrule 3.15(4), relating to motions to reopen matters previously closed by the Commission for the purpose of issuing an administrative release.

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