Fair Housing Education - "Fair Housing Opens Doors and Hearts"

During this report period from July 1, 1991 through June 30, 1992, the Fair Housing educator, Jan Alderton, gave 50 formal Fair Housing presentations around Iowa to 2,742 people using the theme "Fair Housing Opens Doors and Hearts," distributed 2,205 Fair Housing packets to residents of the state, and developed the current FHIP grant activities and other new materials for the Commission.

The Fair Housing packet available free from the Commission is developed and revised to assist both the housing provider and the housing applicant understand the provisions of the Fair Housing laws, how to comply with the laws and practice better business procedures, how to recognize and avoid discriminatory behaviors, and what to do ff discrimination occurs. The Commission has distributed 6,693 Fair Housing packets since October 31, 1990.

Mrs. Aiderton participated in the state landlord's convention in Waterloo, the state Realtor's convention in Cedar Rapids, organized the Commission's entry in the 1991 State Fair parade in Des Moines, operated the Commission's booth for 12 days at the 1991 State Fair in Des Moines, and coordinated the Commission's Fair Housing conference in August of 1991. She conducted Fair Housing educational sessions on four one-and-two-hour statewide radio programs and was interviewed on numerous local radio and television programs. She fielded a marked increase in people calling the Commission to discuss Fair Housing issues and represented the Commission by presenting Fair Housing information at numerous conferences as a guest consultant.

The Commission is hoping a new federal grant application will be funded to enable the Commission to continue Fair Housing education and outreach around the state of Iowa and maintain the momentum previously established. Our goal is to educate for understanding of the laws and encourage voluntary compliance with the laws. Areas of concern are discriminatory zoning laws, illegal advertising, mobile home park practices and language barriers.

Activities Completed Under $75,000 Fair Housing Initiatives Program Grant

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded the Commission a $75,000 FHIP grant to execute ambitious projects to further the cause of Fair Housing within the state of Iowa which were completed during this report period. The finished projects are available from the Commission.

As well as continuing Fair Housing education and outreach around the state, the Fair Housing educator was involved in the following activities:

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