Iowa Civil Rights Commission


Vision Statement:

To provide the best possible services to Iowans in the fight against unlawful discrimination and in the promotion of equality throughout Iowa.

Guiding Principles:

1. We believe excellence is a habit, not an act.

2. We work hard to know our customers, meet their needs and treat them right.

3. We work to create a coalition among public agencies, private business, and concerned citizens to combat discrimination.

4. We work in an environment of trust and respect where teamwork and new ideas are valued, encouraged, and supported.

5. We believe in participative management; everyone counts.

6. We conduct our business with integrity, honesty, trust and respect.

7. We educate the public on the evils of discrimination and the value of diversity.

8. We work with others in a professional manner to gain their confidence and support.

9. We believe in an objective and sensitive attitude in all our relationships with people.

10. We are willing to take risks, accept difficult challenges, and learn from both successes and failures.

11. We work to keep our agency productive, safe, and weu-maintained.

12. We value individual growth, creativity, innovation, and excellence. We encourage alternative views.

13. We provide high quality services to all customers at the lowest pos sible cost.

14. As an agency and as individuals we have a total commitment at work and in the community to making people's lives better.

15. We are an aggressive, progressive law enforcement agency.

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