Worksharing Agreements with Local Commissions

In January 1993, a survey letter was sent to the 22 local commissions in Iowa to determine interest in developing individualized worksharing agreements with the Commission. Under the proposed contracts, local commissions could submit completed investigations to the state commission for review. If accepted for closure, the local commission would receive a per case financial incentive.

The financial incentives of the worksharing agreements would help with local investigative expenses and result in an increase in timely processing. In turn, the Commission would receive the benefit of closure, and payment from the federal government on cross-filed cases.

It is anticipated this will be a one-year pilot project beginning July 1, 1993 and ending June 30, 1994. By the end of FY 93, approval had been received for the Commission to expend funds for this project, and several local commissions had signed contracts for participation.

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