November 1, 1995

The Honorable Terry E. Branstad

Governor of the State of Iowa

The State Capitol

Des Moines, IA 50319

Dear Governor Branstad:

In accordance with the Iowa Code, I hereby transmit to you and the General Assembly the Annual Report of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for Fiscal Year 1995.

As the Commission approaches the 30th anniversary of its founding, we are more involved than ever in activities designed to end discrimination in Iowa. The Commission fights discrimination by investigating and resolving individual complaints alleging discrimination; by conducting public education programs on anti-discrimination law and the value of diversity; and by testing entities covered by the law to determine the nature and extent of discrimination in Iowa.

This year we have expanded our work by helping Iowa communities form diversity teams to address diversity issues and fight discrimination locally. Commission staff serve as a resource in helping a community team get organized and start their work. By forming a community team, local leaders can respond to issues unique to that community and draw upon local people and resources to accomplish their goals.

Your continued support of the Commission and its goals is greatly appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Grove

Executive Director