Settlements of Note


Case handled by a Local Commission: A 60 year old man with disabilities, employed for 24 years by a major retailer, was laid off and replaced by a younger, nondisabled man. Complainant alleged that he was laid off rather than terminated so that the company could avoid paying him benefits under their severance plan. The parties entered into an agreement in which the Complainant relinquished any claims against the company, and received a total of $34,514 in severance pay and benefits.Case mediated by a volunteer attorney: A woman had worked for a manufacturing company for 27 years. After she was transferred to a different department, she was harassed by her supervisor, as he did not want a woman working for him. Her complaints to management brought no remedial action, and she was subsequently terminated in a reduction-in-force. Through the no-fault settlement, she was paid $13,500, with the employer also agreeing to pay any taxes due.


Case mediated by parties' attorneys: A woman, age 69, was employed by a bank. She felt she was being pressured by her supervisor to quit. At one point, she had called ICRC for information about her rights. When the bank president learned of her call, she was reprimanded. She subsequently received a negative evaluation and was denied a pay raise and year-end bonus. The attorneys negotiated an agreement in which she agreed to resign and received payment of $12,500.


Case conciliated by ICRC conciliator, following a probable cause decision: A female alleged that she was sexually harassed over a period of years by her leadperson, and was subjected to repeated sexual comments, unwelcome advances, verbal abuse of a sexual nature, and that the man had exposed himself to her. After she finally reported this to a manager, the harassment stopped but she further alleged that she was retaliated against by co-workers. The investigation yielded evidence that the harassment had occurred and a finding of Probable Cause was issued; a finding of No Probable Cause was issued on the retaliation charge. A conciliation agreement was negotiated in which Complainant received $9,500 for emotional distress damages, and Respondent paid her attorney fees. Respondent also agreed to disseminate its policy prohibiting sexual harassment to all employees and to provide training on sexual harassment to all employees.