Volunteer Program

One of the keys to the Comniission's success in case processing has been recruitment and utilization of a dedicated corp of volunteers. The volunteers have come from many walks of life with varying backgrounds. The area colleges and universities have been a good source of volunteers, but others have come from private sector businesses and the community at large.

During the past year, volunteers have been involved in mediation, investigation, paralegal work, testing, and support work. Volunteers receive individualized on-the-job training for the work in which they will be involved, with continued supervision as each step of the work is accomplished. While some volunteers bring legal training and related experience, most have no particular background in civil rights work.

The volunteers bring enthusiasm and conmiitment to their work, and many express appreciation for the opportunity to work with the Commission. They also gain skills and knowledge for personal and career enrichment.

We couldn't have done it without them!

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