Iowa African-American Resource Directory Available in 2000

For My People: The 1st Annual Iowa African American Resource Directory & Biennial Statistical Report On The Status Of Iowa's African American Community is the most comprehensive report on the condition of black Iowa ever produced. The report will be available for the first time ever in January 2000 and consists of two parts. The first part is a detailed biennial statistical analysis of the condition of black Iowa. The second part is a resource directory identifying key black contacts throughout the state.
Part one, “The Biennial Statistical Report On The Status Of Iowa's African American Community”, consists of several sections. The report includes detailed statistical and anecdotal information about Iowa and focuses on the following categories: Demographics; State and Local Government; Economic Resources; Education; Health; Justice; Race Relations in Iowa; Culture and History; and Communities, Families and Faith.
Part two, “The Iowa African American Resource Directory”, consists of two sections. The first section lists key black resources by county. The second lists key black resources by category. Over 2,500 key black resources have been identified around the state including but not limited to professionals, businesses, educators, and clergy. To accomplish this task, personal contact was made with civic, governmental, political and business leaders in each of Iowa's 99 counties. The directory concludes with a series of forms, a preview of the next edition of For My People, and the Epilogue: Revolution of the Heart.
For My People is published by Jonathan R. Narcisse, President & CEO of New Iowa Bystander Co. The New Iowa Bystander also publishes numerous community publications including Bystander, the oldest black owned and operated publication west of the Mississippi. Net cost of For My People has exceeded the $500,000 mark. The project involved more than 5,500 staff hours and consisted of more than 100,000 in person, phone and electronic transmission contacts. The institutional edition of the publication will be available by January 15 in limited production. To reserve a copy for your business, agency or organization contact Jonathan R. Narcisse at 515-284-5006 or fax your request to 515-284-1234.

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