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Wilfred JohnsonWilfred M. Johnson has served on the Iowa Commission on the Status of African-Americans for two terms. He accepted his appointment to the commission because he felt he could make a difference in the lives of African-Americans in the state of Iowa and in turn, improve the condition of all Iowans. During his tenure he served as chair for two years. Under his administration, the Men To Boys Retreat and the Education Round Table were implemented. In addition, the African-American Women’s Conference enjoyed record attendance.
Mr. Johnson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Poitical Science with an emphasis in Pre-Law and a minor in Spanish from the University of Northern Iowa. He continued his education and earned a Master’s of Education in College Student Personnel Services and Counseling. Currently, Mr. Johnson is employed as an administrator at the University of Northern Iowa. He directs the Classic Upward Bound Program which is designed to assist students from underrepresented populations with enrolling and graduating from the college of their choice. Mr. Johnson is well respected in his field and currently he is mentoring ten Upward Bound programs.
Mr. Johnson believes that the we must lead by example and it shows in his volunteering efforts. In addition to serving on the commission, he volunteers in these organizations: Iowa Community Health and Leadership Institute, National Training Grant, Student Activity Fee Committee, Waterloo Community Development Board, Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee, Jubilee United Methodist Church Administratvie Council, Black Hawk Leadership Baord and Roosevelt Elementary School “Right To Read” program.
Mr. Johnson feels that the best way to reach the commission goals is to focus on education. He believes that through education and only through education will we be able to level the playing field for African-American youth.

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